Sunday, 31 January 2010

31/365 31st January 2010 - Citrus Sunday

One month done! I am so pleased to have made it to today as I have had a pretty intense month and February is not going to be much better, that's for sure!

Thank you to all of you who have helped and supported me this month especially when I haven't at times had time to return the favour. This evening is set aside for catching up with everyone!

I've enjoyed my first 365 month even when it has been difficult, roll on February....

30/365 30th January 2010 - Take it easy...

It's been a busy couple of weeks and the work residential was pretty intense, so tonightm I've got my jammies on and am relaxing in front of the telly for the first time in AGES!

29/365 29th January 2010 - Seen one hotel, seen them all....

Thats a bit how I feel with hotels these days!

Was away on a work residential on Friday and Saturday so I just had to do a hotel related shot. I pondered the room for sometime and there was nothing in my room at all that inspired except the bathroom toiletries - aren't they what everyone looks for as soon as you go into a hotel room!

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of 'chain' hotels and don't tend to choose them for my holidays. They are so samey. Give me an independent hotel/B&B/guesthouse any day.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

28/365 28th January 2010 - Diary Dippy

Gah, I'm so busy at the mo. Without my diary, I'd be missing appointments and arrangements left, right and centre! This baby goes everywhere with me, as I seem to have a problem remembering stuff from one minute to the next. Must be my age :S

PS continued apologies for my lack of comments etc, I'm grabbing an hour here and there and not getting a lot more time than that on here these days! Busy few weeks ahead but I haven't forgotten you all, I promise, I will be back in force soon :)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

27/365 27th January 2010 - Rush hour bokeh

I actually took this shot this morning, as i was on a course in a different office today and arrived a bit early. So I thought I'd try out a subtle little bit of rush hour bokeh...

HBW :)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

26/365 26th January 2010 - Another side of me

Self portrait Tuesday again! And I still haven't done a face-on shot :) One of these days I'll run out of ideas and will be left with no other option. Til then, I cheat!!

Monday, 25 January 2010

25/365 25th January 2010 - Pick a colour any colour

I've said before how much I love colour so since I haven't done a colour shot in a few days I thought I'd indulge myself :)

I did a similar shot to this about a year ago, and I can really see how my photography has improved from this time last year when I compare the fact there's a lot of shots I've taken before that I want to try again now that I know a bit more. Watch this space...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

24/365 24th January 2010 - Weekend bag

Just home from my weekend and am totally and utterly shattered. Here's my weekend bag as photographic evidence of my trip, it is likely to remain unpacked for several days :)

I plan to be back on track tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

23/365 23rd January 2010 - No time today....

23/365 - No time today...., originally uploaded by jill_murray.
was away for the weekend and had noooo time whatsoever to be taking photos so this was the best I could do! Onwards....

Friday, 22 January 2010

Frankie Blue Eyes

Frankie Blue Eyes, originally uploaded by jill_murray.
I know this isn't in my 365, but I had to give this fella a place in my blog, isn't he adorable? He's called Frankie Blue Eyes :)

22/365 22nd January 2010 - Happy Fence Friday!

Fence Friday! I went to watch my niece horseriding and ended up photographing this instead, whoops. Anyway, I loved the water droplets and the sunlight glinting on them. I'm sure she'll understand.

Tomorrow's the first day of my 365 that I'll not be able to post my photo on the day - I will be taking a shot but it'll be Sunday before I'm back at a PC. I'm fretting about it already but can't be helped....

Have a fantastic weekend everyone :)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

21/365 21st January 2010 - I <3 eggs!

I really do love eggs, so I thought I'd dedicate todays photo to them! Or should I say three photos! Sorry my omelette is a bit rubbish-looking, but it tasted good and that's the main thing :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

20/365 20th January 2010 - Keep the faith :)

Anyone who read my 10 facts about me last week will know I love football (or soccer for all you bloggettes on t'other side of the Atlantic) and Liverpool are my team.

This season we have been completely and utterly rubbish, completely blowing out of the water all hope and expectation that we might win the league this year for the first time in 20 years :(

Anyway, tonight we play Spurs who are 1 place ahead of us in the Premier League, without Torres and Gerrard . Gah. But at 5 mins in, we are 1-0 up, come on. Keep the faith.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

19/365 19th January 2010 - Cherry on the top

Inspired by the lovely avanhook I loved her cherry shots so much that when I saw some cherries on the supermarket shelf on Sunday, I couldn't resist picking up a packet.

I couldn't really get this image to be how I wanted it, but I've worked a 12 hour day today so to be honest, it was all a bit rushed. Apologies to everyone for my lack of commenting and following at the minute, I just have soooo little time over the next 5 days or so! I will catch up eventually, I promise!

Monday, 18 January 2010

18/365 18th January 2010 - When you said tulips I knew that you're mine

Haven't taken any flower shots in ages, went through a phase last year when I shot nothing else. Not going back there again, but I do still love flower photos, they so purdy :)

Happy Monday peeps!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

17/365 17th January 2010 - You may telephone from here

As I said yesterday, I love the city and I love all things urban! Having a walkabout the city centre this morning and I spotted this sign which I had never noticed before. It's amazing what you see when there's noone else about.

I found it hard to choose which shot to use for my 365 today, but this one kept catching my eye, so it got the vote. Have a look at the rest here:

Saturday, 16 January 2010

16/365 16th January 2010 - Abandoned

Finally got a few outdoor shots today, yay! I only had less than an hour but went into town for a mosey about and I'm planning to head back in tomorrow morning, weather permitting. There's something I love about being in the middle of the city early on a Sunday morning when there's noone else about. Can't wait. Hopefully get a few more good'uns tomorrow as didn't have enough time today to really come up with anything exciting.

However, I did like this little number. Somebody dumped their poor Christmas tree on the pavement, and not only that, they didn't even bother to take the lights off! Poor thing looked sad and lonely :( Christmas is well and truly over!

Friday, 15 January 2010

15/365 15th January 2010 - These shoes aren't made for walking...

But they are my favourites. It's Friday night and they are crying out for me to put them on. But I'm not going to. Sorry shoes.

Need to tidy up tonight so I don't have to spend my entire weekend cleaning!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

14/365 14th January 2010 - Minder

Well I'm a little bit more refreshed today than I was yesterday! I'm looking forward to the weekend to get some outdoors shots, as the long as the weather improves. The snow has gone but now it's wet and windy :( I'd rather have the snow!

Anyway, this is my niece and her trusty minder, Molly chillaxing after a long day.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

13/365 13th January 2010 - Tired and uninspired

So this is the best I can do today! I have had a very stressful and busy 24 hours and I'm done in so all I want to do tonight is go to bed with my book and my hot water bottle.

I apologise to everyone, I'm a few days behind already on all your blogs and photos, hopefully catch up a bit this evening before my early night!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

12/365 12th January 2010 - Me

12/365 12th January 2010 - Me, originally uploaded by jill_murray.
Self-portrait Tuesday again! And I'm still cheating a little! My reason for the marginal cheat this week is twofold:

1 - To hide my face!
2 - I thought the 'me' theme would be appropriate today as I have been tagged by my pal Mark and now I have to bore you with 10 (not very) interesting facts about me!

So here goes:

1 - I love cooking and have a Vietnamese Noodle Soup bubbling on the stove as we speak.
2 - I spend a huge amount of my spare time training Army Cadets in things such as drill, map and compass, community work and shooting.
3 - I love stationery and could spend hours on end in Paperchase, just looking at all the lovely papers and pens.
4 - I am a huge football fan and take it very seriously. I support Liverpool.
5 - I am going on my holiday of a lifetime in September - almost 3 weeks travelling the east coast of the USA. On my own!
6 - I have a problem with my spine (neck) which gives me a lot of pain :(
7 - I am about the only person I know who doesn't have kids - must be at that age now....
8 - I am desperate to upgrade my camera but can't afford to for the foreseeable future. I want a Canon 5D please!
9 - I have Reynauds disease which is a circulatory problem that causes some of my fingers to go seethrough in the cold - which is the source of much hilarity to my pals and a bit of a party trick.
10 - I have never eaten a pear. Or an avocado.

So there you are! 10 not very interesting facts about me!

Monday, 11 January 2010

11/365 11th January 2010 - Caffeine hit required

It's Monday evening and I'm very, very tired. I wouldn't normally drink coffee at this time of day but I have to go out tonight and right now, the only way I'll get through it is with the help of caffeine! Hope it does the trick!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

10/365 10th January 2010 - Dream a million stars in colour...

I'm a big dreamer. Even if it doesn't get you what you want, it's still nice, right?

I decided to stay indoors today since I have taken plenty of outdoors shots this week and don't want to exhaust all my options at this early stage! Plus, I've had quite enough of being cold, much as I enjoy the weather. The furthest I'll be going today is to the supermarket across the street to buy the Sunday papers and then I'll be spending the afternoon reading the papers, drinking coffee and watching Hancock.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

At least someone loves the snow....a wee extra for today!

Ok, I know I have already done my shot for today but I thought you might enjoy this.

I just looked out the window (waiting for the chinese delivery man :D) and saw these tracks which had been left in the snow - what manouevre a car was doing to make them I have no idea, but I couldn't resist the urge to take a little photo!

9/365 9th January 2010 - A playground with no kids is like a person with no soul

We had a fresh snowfall today while I was out, so on my way home I just had to go via the local park to take some shots of the fresh, untrodden snow.

I saw the playground and it juts look so....empty, so I tried to capture that with this series of shots....

Friday, 8 January 2010

8/365 8th January 2010 - It's time to go home

Hometime on Friday afternoon after a tough week. The weather has been crazy, there's still ridiculous snow and ice on the ground and I think most people will be heading home tonight and staying cosy for most of the weekend. If only I could stay in all weekend, I'd be a happy bunny, but it ain't going to happen!

I was a bit uninspired today about what shot to take, then about 3pm I came up with this idea. Then as I left work, I was so cold and tired that I just wanted to go home but I talked myself into heading to the spot I wanted and get the shot. I'm glad I did, as I'm pleased with how it turned out in the end.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

7/365 7th January 2010 - Don't stand so close to me

Yay! I didn't forget my camera today and got my first 'proper' snow shot of the winter. It's funny how snow can turn somewhere than is nothing other than mediocre normally, into a beautiful place. I'm glad this shot turned out ok and made the walk worthwhile, because I was so cold I may as well have gone and sat in a freezer.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

6/365 6th January 2010 - Well I woke up this morning and rainbows filled the sky

They didn't really, in fact quite the opposite. My day starting with a spectacular fall on the ice, whilst carrying my kettle to defrost the car. Seems I was more worried about the kettle than saving myself and I didn't spill a drop of water! Anyway, I got up and hobbled to the car, drove to work and realised I'd forgotten my lunch and my pass. Then I spilt a bottle of water over my computer. During all of which, it snowed, a lot, leaving the drive home a bit mental and making me rue the decision to not bring my camera with me today. Anyway, a rainbow did come out of the clouds when I got an email saying I was getting a refund of £165 for a bill I'd overpaid. Result.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday folks.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

5/365 5th January 2010 - Defiance

Yes, I'm being defiant. I'm doing a self-portrait of my face without actually showing most of my face.

I hate being in front of the camera. Soooo bad. But there are so many wonderul self-portraits out there that I've seen and been inspired by and I want to get my confidence up in selfies throughout this year. So self-portrait Tuesday it is then.

Monday, 4 January 2010

4/365 4th January 2010 - Look at the stars, look how they shine foryou, and all the things you do, they were all yellow...

This shot didn't turn out the way I wanted :( Don't know what I wanted but it wasn't this! Anyway, I have felt ill all day today so I guess this is better than nothing at all. Can't be a masterpiece everyday! Onto tomorrow.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

3/365 - Walking on sunshine

3/365 - Walking on sunshine, originally uploaded by jill_murray.

I am loving this weather. This is probably the most consistently cold winter that I can remember. It's normally wet, kind of mild and not really a season of it's own. But this year, it's been cold, crisp, icy, snowy and I love it! I've probably got out and about more in the last month than I have for a long time and it's lovely. It pays to make a bit of an effort in life!

This picture was taken on the Cavehill in Belfast, it's a beautiful area and there'll definitely be more pics in my 365 from round here. Some day soon I hope to climb to the top of the hill and do a panoramic shot of Belfast, I've wanted to do it for ages but am too scared I'll fall over the edge! Doh.

Back to work tomorrow after the holidays. It's rubbish but I need to get back into a routine, I've been eating myself out of house and home and it has to stop!

Have a good Monday everyone!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

2/365 2nd January 2010 - Sweet!

2/365 2nd January 2010 - Sweet!, originally uploaded by jill_murray.
Day 2 and I'm early on the ball today! I need to clean my house and I have found myself spending all day, literally all day over this past couple of weeks on Flickr and I'm getting nothing done!!! So at least if I have got my shot I can chillax and go do my chores, and then pop by later to see what everyone else has been up to.

So, this shot. I love colours, I really do. I'm guessing colours will feature heavily in my 365 this year! And since I have discovered Photoshop actions to help with my processing, I feel like a new world has opened up! I always coveted that retro/vintage feel others managed to have in their shots, and could never achieve, then I discovered actions - awesome!

I'm feeling terribly excited about my photography again and I haven't felt like that for 7/8 months. And since I have had the break, it's weird but I have come back feeling like I know more, like I am more willing to try new things, like I want to be more experimental and see where it takes me.

God, I really hope this lasts :)

Friday, 1 January 2010

1/365 - Happy New Year from Little Miss Cheeky!

I had really intended my 2010 sunrise shot to be my first 365 entry but when I took these shots, I realised they are probably my favourite photos that I've ever taken and therefore these make the Day 1 spot instead!

Morning Colours

Good morning 2010!, originally uploaded by jill_murray.
This was just before sunrise this morning, the colours were awesome. I must make an effort to do this more!

Good morning 2010!

Good morning 2010!, originally uploaded by jill_murray.
For two years, I have tried to get out of bed early enough to photograph the new year sunrise - this year I made it! And it was well worth it. Happy New Year.

Golden bokeh

Golden bokeh, originally uploaded by jill_murray.