Wednesday, 17 February 2010

48/365 17th February 2010 - My favourite little person & Super Mario

I used to love Super Mario on the Gameboy when I was little and now she loves Super Mario on the Wii! I did have a go the other day, and it appears I haven't lost my Super Mario skills, even after all these years!!!

47/365 16th February 2010 - :-(

I would have had a better picture today but spent over two hours after work sitting in the hospital! For anyone who followed me last year, I'm still going to the damn hospital about my gammy neck :-( But thats a story for another time.

46/365 15th February 2010 - Old Faithful

These pencils are my backup plan, if I can't find anything of interest, I crack these out and normally end up with something I like :)

45/365 14th February 2010 - Food shopping day!

I love food shopping and I love having a nice fridgeful of food - makes me HAPPY :)

44/365 13th February 2010 - Happy Valentines Day

Thought it would be rude to let Valentines Day pass by without doing some kind of love heart themed here it is.....

Friday, 12 February 2010

43/365 12th February 2010 - Chippy tea

Thanks for the title Rodders:)

This bad boy is what we in Northern Ireland call a pastie bap. Stuffed with chips. It's a heart attack on a plate but it really does taste good, and after the 2 weeks I've had, I can't even entertain the thought of cooking!

I am intending to hopefully catch up a bit on this place tonight, I have been neglecting here so bad and I miss catching up with all your awesome work!

42/365 11th February 2010 - Money, lots and lots of money.

THIS is how much my boiler repairs cost me. £515. I am so utterly gutted, this is my holiday money I'm handing over. This is what is called making a bad week worse!!

41/365 10th February 2010 - Busy bee!

God, I can't remember what it's like to not be this silly busy! I was out today from 745am to 10pm, so am truly, truly knackered. And to be honest, I nearly gave up on this project tonight! But then I realised that it will take all of 30 seconds to get this shot, so this is it. I'm pleased with myself for ploughing on!

40/365 9th February 2010 - It's getting late....

....and this is the first time to date this year that I've got to this time and thought 'oh bummer, I haven't taken a shot yet' :( I still have no heating or hot water and am getting mightily peeved with the situation......

39/365 8th February 2010 - Follow your heart

Yet again I am neglecting Flickr, I'm so sorry everyone! Been away all weekend as is obvious from my pics but hopefully will have a little time this week to catch up on everyones pics. In the midst of the madness, my boiler broke down and I have had no heating or hot water since Thursday. So stressed!

Anyway, this shot is a little bit calmer than how I actually feel inside.....

38/365 7th February 2010 - Leaving on a jet plane

Time to go home after a fun weekend....

37/365 6th February 2010 - The Bullring, Birmingham

This is the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham, taken with my phone - didn't think it turned out too bad!

36/365 5th February 2010 - Friday night vino

Out in Brum with my buddy, we had to get the weekend started with a cheeking vino, obviously!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

35/365 4th February 2010 - Decisions, decisions!

I'm heading to Birmingham tomorrow to meet up with a big group of friends for the weekend and I can't wait! So now the difficult decision of what to bring. I'm only taking carry-on baggage so can bring lots of choices so have to decide or red.....hmmmmm.....

Happy dip-it Thursday folks!

PS typing is really hard today as I'm wearing gloves due to my boiler being broken and my house is utterly freezing!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

34/365 3rd February 2010 - One day.....

This is my favourite piece of jewellery that I own. It cost me $40 when I was on holiday in Canada and I totally adore it, and am determined one day I will have an expensive version with real diamonds, thank you very much! Don't know who'll buy it mind you....


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

33/365 2nd February 2010 - Candy stripes

I apologise for the dreadfully uninspiring shot today, I've had a rubbish day and quite frankly can't summon the enthusiasm to think of something interesting....hopefully tomorrow will be better....

Monday, 1 February 2010

32/365 1st February 2010 - My favourite thing :-)

How very naughty of me, I'm supposed to be sorting my diet out after Christmas but these things I cannot resist. Do you get Creme Eggs in the States? If not, to all those of my Flickr friends in the States, your life isn't yet complete....;-)