Monday, 8 November 2010

Been a long time

Hey everyone!  Its been a long, long time and how I've missed you.

Unfortunately life got in the way of my Project 365, I guess in my heart I knew it would.  I'd love one day to manage it but I just am so busy maybe I have to accept it's not realistic for me right now.

I still love my photographs and need to make more time for them.  And I will do that but without the pressure of a 365 project.

For that reason, I am going to return to my old blog, which will not be photography specific, but instead will track my life in general.  I'll post my photography as it happens as well as ramble on about whatever other random little things I'm getting up to in my life.

If any of you guys would like to follow me, it would be very lovely to have you, and I promise to follow you in return!

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